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Howdy, y’all! It’s a cloudy and a bit cool (58 degrees) in Augusta, Maine this morning and it’s a good time to grab a cup of coffee and take a look at some of the Best of Three States Plus One! I have hand-picked some of the most interesting posts of the past year form you to read again or, in some cases, see for the first time. Either way you’ll like what I have chosen for you today as the material presents a look at our great country that will have you wanting to take a trip to new and exciting locales across the Fruited Plain. I hope you enjoy your virtual vacation and make plans to see something new in America this summer.

That should keep you busy for a while. If you’d like to learn more about some great places, use the search box at the top right of the side bar to access the archives. There’s a ton of cool stuff stored there.

Have a great weekend, y’all!


Plus One : Christmas Comes Early! Or Not.


I have some sickening exciting news for you today! I am putting together another blog! There is a reason for this. I find myself at times drifting away from the original purpose of Three States Plus One, to the point where it was morphing into a whole other animal. Add to that the fact that I wanted a bit more “flexibility” to cover more material and be able to add some more “me” to the posts. As you may have noticed (clearing throat), I have some pretty strong opinions on life and the issues that it entails, and I feel like I could better express those opinions in a bit more “open” format. You’ll also note that I have leaned a bit more towards what I call “Dumbass News”, like this or this. Posting “Dumbass News” is all well and good but I’d like to keep the content on Three States as close to its format as possible. That doesn’t mean that the occasional “dumbass post” will ride off into the sunset, it just means I am gonna try to refrain from posting them so often. HOWEVER, the new blog will cover all sorts of “dumbass topics”, like stupid news (the guy who found a rocket launcher in his garden), some political dumbassery (anything about liberals) and just every day ordinary dumbass-itis. I feel that in the new format, I can cut loose a little more and air my thoughts on just about anything. I want Three States to still be a place you visit and I’ll work my ass off to keep it a place you want to visit. The new place will be more of  no-holds-barred atmosphere, where I can, maybe, make you laugh out loud, provoke you to think, and get you (or somebody) mad as hell. That’s the way I roll. I also have a surprise for you. Close your eyes. Now open them. Surprise!!! A sneak peek at the new place!!! Remember, the new joint is still under construction and won’t be ready for launch until Monday, I hope. There are no posts up yet, just the makings of a Home Page, but it looks pretty cool. Let me know what you think in the comment section here on Three States or on Facebook. I am not averse to criticism or new ideas, so lay it on me! If I can get the new site up and running before Monday, I’ll be sure to post about it on Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, etc. Stay tuned!!! And Merry Christmas. Kind of.


Three States Plus One Plus a Few More (Plus Some Overseas Places, Too)

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Sexy Russian Spy Lady

This blog first published on June 14, 2010 with this Award-Winning (OK…my Mom gave me a Dinky Button because she liked it) post about Outlaw Sam Bass . Over the last six weeks you’ve been incredibly supportive of a wet-behind-the-ears Middle Aged First Time blogger. And I thank you for that. I am honestly humbled by your generosity, but not so impressed that you don’t have something better to do than read this drivel  well-researched documentary information. I say that with love in my heart. On to the point : you’ll notice on the home page a widget for “Flag Counter”. As you can tell, it shows where my readers are located by country. So far, I am a major disappointment  big hit in the USA, Canada, France, Great Britain, Taiwan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and I am HUGE in Russia and the Ruskies haven’t sent me a single sexy Russian spy lady NOT ONE!! in return. WTF, comrades? I am, today, gonna share some Super Duper Secret Inside Blogger Information with you. If the Russians won’t send the Sexy Russian Lady Spies to me, I’ll share with you for free. Take that you Commie bastards! This link will give you a breakdown of  which state/country my readers are in and how many of them there are. These 259 unique visitors have viewed Three States Plus One over 1300 times in just six weeks. I thank you and am forever in your debt…unless the Russians send over some Sexy Female Spy Ladies. Then all bets are off. 🙂


Quick note : When you click the link above, be sure to expand each listing on Flag Counter by clicking on the “+”. Doing that will give you a little more detail on who’s where.

UPDATE : My wife says if I have anything to do with any Russian Spy Women, sexy or not, she will cut off my “caviar”, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

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