>Best of Three States Plus One Saturday!

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Howdy, y’all! It’s a cloudy and a bit cool (58 degrees) in Augusta, Maine this morning and it’s a good time to grab a cup of coffee and take a look at some of the Best of Three States Plus One! I have hand-picked some of the most interesting posts of the past year form you to read again or, in some cases, see for the first time. Either way you’ll like what I have chosen for you today as the material presents a look at our great country that will have you wanting to take a trip to new and exciting locales across the Fruited Plain. I hope you enjoy your virtual vacation and make plans to see something new in America this summer.

That should keep you busy for a while. If you’d like to learn more about some great places, use the search box at the top right of the side bar to access the archives. There’s a ton of cool stuff stored there.

Have a great weekend, y’all!


>Aggies, School and Robin Hood – A Lineup You Won’t Find Anywhere Else on the Internet!

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>I am going to be pretty busy today with Issy and her Girl Scout stuff and working to get my old computer up and running again. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it, but I am gonna give it hell. The cool thing about that is that I don’t have a monitor for it so I am gonna hook it up to the HDTV that Heather and I have in our bedroom upstairs. It’s not a big TV, just 32″, but it should be fun to use as a monitor. Now if Heather will only let me get Major League Baseball package on the computer. 🙂
I’ll leave you with some the posts that caught your attention a while back and a I think they deserve a second look. And awaaaaaayyyyyyyyy we go!

  • We Were All Aggies for a Day – This is the story of a decades old Aggie tradition that went terribly wrong on a November day in 1999, claiming twelve young lives full of promise and making a century old football rivalry a footnote (deservedly so) to the horror that had changed a University and twelve families forever.
  • Toby Goes to School – I got some terrific reactions to this story about me being a guest reader at my 8 year old’s second grade class. I had a great time doing it and it lead to a two part story. The link with the title in in it (Toby Goes to School) is the first part of this epic tome. Part 2 can be found here. I think you’ll like it.  🙂
  • A Modern Day Robin Hood – The idiot in this post  is actually named Robin Hood. Unlike his namesake of hundreds of years ago, this guy ain’t even a good thief. Check it out and have a laugh on me.

I may pop in later to let you know how things are going, but I really do have a lot to do to the old computer. I am going to install a new-ish Linux Distro, security software and maybe partition the hard drive and put Windows 7 Ultimate on it. I enjoy doing stuff like this. I always end up learning something new, which is a bonus for diving in head first into playing with computers. Oh, yeah….I may convert the old machine into a server, which would be a first for me. Wish me luck! And from all of us here at the Toby Dome, we wish you a great weekend!

A Look Back at September’s Best Posts

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Things Got Rollin’ in September

September found Three States Plus One really getting a solid foot hold in the blogosphere. It seemed like all of the sudden we went from being virtually unknown, which we were, to getting readers from all over the world. We started off well in Texas and Maine, but that was to be expected, because I have many friends and family members in those two states, and, just to be supportive, they’d have read the Uncertain, Texas phone book if I posted it. Silly people. But, I digress. From my point of view as a Blog Owner/Administartor, each time I looked at the Flag Counter that appears on each page of the blog and discovered a new country’s flag added to the roster, I began to believe a little more in what I was doing…that people, complete strangers in most cases, actually found value in what I was writing. That said, I am not a writer. I am a more verbal kind of guy. Hell, for over 15 years I was a radio DJ. Listeners depended on my verbal skills in order to digest the information I was feeding them. If you could listen to what I write, I think it would be a lot more effective in getting across the tone and inflection of what I write. Those of you who know me understand what am talking about.

Here’s a list of a few of the most popular posts from September:

  • Hungry Maine for Texas VittlesThis was our first “blockbuster” post, receiving over 100 page views. This was a big deal for me. It was validation that this blog thing might work out if I stuck with it long enough. 
  • Special Edition – 9/11 – This post was HUGE for me. It was the first time I really went off on any given subject. Dirty words and all, this was a smash. I find it a bit ironic that soon after I posted this one, I began to get a lot of attention from Muslim countries. Go figure. Asswipes.
  • An Almost Clean Getaway – I remember when I wrote this post I was in a hurry to make an appointment or something. Anyway, I found something real fast and scribbled down a post and didn’t think twice about it. It was basically a space-filler at the time. But it ended up being one of the most popular posts of the month! Don’t ask me why. But thanks!

That’s a good start to our look back at the first six months of Three States Plus One. I’ll be back in a little while with more bullshit award-worthy literary brilliance and insightful observation. 🙂

Thanksgiving Thoughts (Lots of Them!)


It’s a beautiful, chilly (22 degrees) Thanksgiving morning in New England. I wanted to take just a minute of your time to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some posts that have a lot to say about Thanksgiving.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving with family and friends, from my family to yours!

Last Weekend of September "Best of…"

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Talkin’ With God

Did the month of September zoom by or what? They say as you get older, time seems to move faster. I guess that’s true, because this month went by like time lapse photography. Personally, I celebrated the birthday of my favorite uncle, Tony, who died way too young at 58. My 54th birthday came and went and I still don’t look a day over 75 and I mourned the loss of a dear, sweet friend to that hideous disease of Satan, cancer – and we’ve still got five days of September to go! I can think of at least three more family birthdays to come.
Here at Three States Plus One, we are gaining hundreds of new readers from all over the world each week. As I type this post, TSPO has been read by people in 41 of the 50 United States and 26 countries around the globe, with the latest being The Netherlands, New Zealand and Spain. I can’t thank you all enough for taking the time to visit our humble abode. Thanks to you, this blog has shot up the Alexa Rankings from 20-something million back in June to 1,411,552 in the world as of a few minutes ago. In the US we now stand at #106,610. That is nothing short of amazing. And it’s your fault! it’s because we have the best and most loyal readers a blog could ask for. Thank you.

For our newer readers:  I dug deep into the dark, damp,musty bowels of the Three States Plus One archives and slogged through the muck and mire to dredge up some of the most read posts of the past three months. This is what I got stuck with found for your perusal. In other words, I said “eeny, meeny, miny moe” and these three are what you get. Hey, at least I’m honest! If it tickles your fancy (or tickles some place else, it’s all good), you can search through the archives and find some real good stuff. There’s a search box on upper right of each page of the blog.

Here are this week’s Best of…

That’s what’s cookin’ in Three States Ville this weekend. As always, you are welcome to express your views or thoughts in the comments or to email me at threestatesplusone AT gmail DOT com. Thanks again, y’all. You’re the best! Adios!

Working On the New Blog & Best of TSPO Sunday

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Vs TCU for the Title?

Yesterday I made a Big Announcement about a new blogging endeavor I am undertaking. I am gonna spend some significant time today watching football tweaking the new digs (<—-hint,hint) and gathering stories for the Big Debut tomorrow. Taking that into account, I have picked out some of the “best” (I am trying hard not to laugh here) and most-read (that is, somebody  besides my wife actually read it) posts from the past for you. So, grab your Pepto Bismol and enjoy endure what you can on a Best of Three States Plus One Sunday!

A couple of football notes : Three words : Texas.Longhorns.Defense. Those guys are brutal. Holding Texas Tech to less than 200 yards total offense? And they are a very young defense. I’m sure the rest of the Big 12 is just thrilled to hear that. Texas 24   Texas Tech 14  Hook ’em! Next victim, UCLA at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium, Saturday, September 25, 2:30 (CDT) on ABC. In the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys are home at the House That Jerry Built to tangle with the Monsters of the Midway, the Chicago Bears. Kickoff is at Noon, CDT on Fox. Here in the Northeast, the New England Patriots are in the Big Apple to battle the Jets in the late game (4:15 EDT) on CBS. The rest of the NFL schedule can be found here. Have a goodern, y’all and thanks for reading Three States Plus One!

Three States All-In-One (Best of)

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The Way I Feel*

Well, it looks like life over for most of today and so did my new friend Arthur. You may know Arthur, his last name is Itis. Arthur Itis. We went grocery shopping today at Super Wal Mart and it took a while longer than I had anticipated. With my wife recently adopting a healthier lifestyle, it’s very important to know what is in the food we buy. She read the labels on EVERY DAMN THING in the grocery department. It would have been faster to read War and Peace. I guess what I’m trying to say in a roundabout way is that I am tired and my buddy Arthur is killin’ me.
I have picked out some popular posts from the past for your perusal.

For our newer readers, it’ll give you a chance to catch up on what you’ve and for the Old Timers, maybe you can read something you missed the first time through. Thanks to you all for visiting and we’ll see you manana. Adios, y’all.

*Photo from guyhatcher.com

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