A Challenge to a Tyrant

Over the last week we have learned more about Texas History than at any time in our lives since 7th Grade Texas History class (God bless Maedell Kenas). Well, we’ve at least had our memories jogged concerning the events in Texas from October, 1835, the “Come and Take It” Battle of Gonzales to, at this point, March, 1836, when Texas has officially declared her Independence and the fall of the Alamo have taken place. Today I want to link again to the posts from earlier in the week, so maybe you can actually sit down and read them without the constraints of time. For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to read these posts, there is some outstanding information in them, including some eyewitness accounts of what was happening at the time Texas was desperately seeking its Independence from Mexico.

                  Texas History, October, 1835 to March,1836 

  • The First Shot of the Texas RevolutionThe citizens of Gonzales had a big cannon. The Mexican Army wanted it. The people of Gonzales made a flag with a very clear message – “Come and Take It.” The Mexicans did not get the cannon.
  • Closing in on IndependenceThis post covers February, 1836. The siege of the Alamo was underway and Texans were bracing for a full blown revolution.
  • The Texas Revolution, March, 1836Texans declare their Independence from Mexico, the Alamo falls yet the people of Texas are mere weeks away from Freedom and Liberty.
  • A Letter of Defiance and Anger – Benjamin Briggs Goodrich wrote a letter to his family in Tennessee to report the death of his brother at the Alamo. He also updates them on the ever-changing events of the Texas Revolution. It’s amazing to read it just like you reading your morning newspaper.

Reading the posts and clicking on the links in each one could take a little while, so you might want to plan to look them when you have some time to do so. I really do highly recommend that you do exactly that. There is some fascinating history in there and it’s just a couple of clicks away. I hope you enjoy it!

God bless you and may God continue to bless that Beautiful Lady we call Texas,