One of the most popular and fun topics to write about on Three States Plus One is odd or funny town names. I looked through the blog archives, and it has been since October 22, 2010 that we did such a post. The topic had frankly skipped my mind until yesterday when I was checking out some “hubs” (web pages) on a site called HubPages. I ran across HubPages about nine months ago when I read about it on another site named MakeUseOf. Anyway, I joined HubPages with the intent of doing some writing and blogging within that community. I started posting on HubPages about a week ago, and my articles have gotten some nice reviews. Plus, the other “hubbers” (those who write and post on the site) seems to be a good group of people with more than their fair share of smarts because they give my stuff good reviews.  🙂  But seriously folks….While perusing the works of some of the other hubbers, I ran across a writer with the handle of KCC Big Country who had done a post on HubPages similar to the ones I did on this blog here, here, here and here.
A couple of Texas town names that KCC Big Country found inclded Alligator located in Bell County and Bee House in Coryell County.

KCC Big Country put a lot more effort into her post than I did mine and she came up with some bee-yutes. Since she did all the leg work, I wan tot send her some page hits for a job well done. The particular page to which I am referring is located here. There are some classic small town names. While you’re over at HubPages, look for my contributions by searching for “FishFearMe”. One more thing, post a comment on KCC Big Country’s “hub” and let her know that you found out about it here.