Santa in the Swamps

Some places are so cool they merit mentioning on a regular basis. One such place is the town of Uncertain, Texas. I have brought up that name several times on this blog. For a little background, you can go here, here, and here, plus a couple of other places.

Today, however, we are a taking a look at Uncertain in a completely different light, as in Christmas lights. What is certain is that uncertain has one of the most unique and beautiful Christmas celebrations anywhere in Texas. Or the United States, for that matter. As you’ll recall, Uncertain sits on the shores of one of the beautiful and mysterious lakes in the world, pre-historic-looking Caddo Lake. What makes this Christmas celebration so neat is that the locals put on a parade of boats that file by the crowd-lined shores of Caddo Lake. Uncertain is home to only a couple of hundred people, but residents from near-by towns also participate in this annual floatilla of Christmas-themed boats.

The Floating Christmas Parade takes place each year on the third Saturday of December. This year, if my math is correct, that would be the 18th with the start time at 2:00 PM. maybe I’ll hear from my blog buddy n2l today. He’s chock full of information on Caddo Lake and would certainly add to the “discussion”. 

I have never attended the Floating Christmas Parade, but I would love to see it, with all the decorated boats and the splendor that is Caddo Lake on display for all to see. Of that I am not Uncertain.  🙂