Breakfast City

A few weeks back I did a post on funny town names in Texas – names like Uncertain, Happy and Cut and Shoot. The reaction from you, the reader, was outstanding. Since I pledged in that article to do another version of funny town names in various states, I figured I’d go whole hog and find goofy town names from around the country. I Hope (Arkansas) you’ll find this little screed not too Boring (Oregon) and I’ll be a Happy Camp(er) (California). šŸ™‚
Some towns have names that are quite inviting. There’s Friendly, West Virginia – Happyland, Connecticut or Lovely, Kentucky. On the other hand, there’s Embarrass, Wisconsin – Gripe, Arizona and Peculiar, Missouri. Many towns have names that conjure up an appetite – Bacon, Indiana – Chocolate Bayou, Texas or Hot Coffee, Mississippi. Places you may not care to have a meal are : Greasy, Oklahoma – Lickskillet, Ohio and Oniontown, Pennsylvania. Animals and some of God’s other creatures are well-represented on the list of odd names found in the USA – Rabbit Shuffle, North Carolina – Horseheads, New York and Trout, Louisiana are a few of them. Some of our burgs around the country stand out for other reasons – Toad Suck, Arkansas – Monkey’s Eyebrow, Kentucky and Goose Pimple Junction, Virginia come to mind. There are plenty more towns with attention-getting names across the country and you can find them where I did at I’m sure there are a million names that could be added to this list, so if you know any, tell us about them in the comments! With that, I’ll say Adios! (Texas) I just made that one up. šŸ™‚