How in the name of all that is holy during all my travels in Texas, did I not once take time to stop off and visit Natural Bridge Caverns? I plead the ignorance of youth. And “hurry up and get to Austin”. But mostly the ignorance of youth. If only I had known. But, then again, if a frog had wings every time he jumped, he wouldn’t whomp his ass. But, I digress. Even the underground world of Texas is stunningly beautiful. What’s a bit surprising is that the caverns weren’t discovered , quite unexpectedly, until 1960 by four St. Mary’s U students out for their weekly spelunking trip. Reckon they were a little surprised at what they found? The temperature in the caverns is a mild 70 degrees year round and portions of this subterranean wonder are over 200 feet below ground. Recent archeological digs indicate that early Texans used the caves as a place to call home and that perhaps miles more of this underground Eden await exploration. Make a little time to read the information provided in the links above, if you can. It’s some real good readin’ and there are some outstanding photos as well. I can hardly wait to find out what the spelunkers of the future will discover about this place named Natural Bridge Caverns.